Investigation Support

Our forensic services are available to attorneys, private investigators, litigation support firms, law enforcement, government agencies, corporations, small businesses and parents. Our comprehensive services involve collection, preservation, analysis and reporting of digital evidence. Once the final report is in hand, we will continue to support legal professionals in depositions and trials to clearly explain the technical details in an easy to understand way. Ask us about our retainer services to have a dedicated forensic specialist at your service.


We Employ the Most Advanced, Digital Forensics Expertise and Technologies in the Industry with over 20 years of experience.

Our digital forensics experts ensure that, regardless of the type of investigation, device or storage media, all relevant evidence is identified, preserved, analyzed and reported according to the highest professional standards.

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Professional, Certified Forensic Examiners for any Mobile Device Investigation

We provided forensic support for all types of investigations, such as intellectual property theft, sexual harassment, corporate fraud, divorce and intrusion cases.

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Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence

Risk Detection

Deep & Dark Web Intelligence Research

Our threat research analyst provide dedicated support for your company or security operation center. We provide 24/7 monitoring of the deep, dark and clear web to identify potential areas of risk to your company. Our dedicated analyst provide indicator enrichment support with contextualized threat intelligence to help assess risk faster and take a proactive security stance. Timely, accurate and relevant threat intelligence insights allow leaders to make better informed security decisions.


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