Target Student

This course is designed to provide foundational knowledge and hands-on skills needed to become a mobile device forensics examiner. This vendor-neutral, hands-on training course will teach students how to access critical data stored on mobile devices and understand how popular forensic software extracts data from these locations. We focus on the forensics process, identifying where data resides and how to extract that data manually. This course will benefit forensic examiners, detectives, investigators, information security professionals and law enforcement officers who desire to specialize in mobile device forensics. Lawyers, paralegals, IT auditors and IT professionals involved in civil proceedings and the electronic discovery process will also benefit from taking this course. This course is designed to prepare students who are seeking the Mobile Device Forensics Examiner (MDFE) certification; a vendor-neutral mobile device forensics certifications.



To ensure your success in this course you should be able to perform basic Microsoft Windows operations and be familiar with basic forensics concepts. This course has been written as an introduction to mobile device forensics and is beneficial at all levels, from beginners to advanced. This course is held on-line instructor led and requires an internet connection, head set with microphone and a computer where the student as administrator access to install software.


Course Objectives (3 Day)

In this course, you will identify, preserve, extract, analyze, and report data from mobile devices. You will learn the skills needed to become a mobile device forensic examiner.


You will:

  • Identify the fundamental concepts and technologies involved in mobile forensics.
  • Implement proper incident response procedures.
  • Identify primary technologies used in mobile devices.
  • Acquire evidence from mobile devices.
  • Analyze extracted evidence.
  • Collect evidence from other sources.
  • Report findings          

Mobile Device Forensic Examiner Training